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parking brake levers

Parking Brake Levers

Madison Power Systems is a master distributor for Orscheln® Products. We offer both standard hand foot parking brake levers as well as the capability to design custom control systems.

We specialize in providing parking brake systems that include park brake levers and park brake cables.

Orscheln® hand levers are designed on the principle of variable mechanical advantage, and therefore, variable hand effort. During the initial movement of the lever from the "off" to the "on" position, there is a great linear movement compared to the output effort. As the lever approaches the "on" position, the output effort becomes greater in comparison to the linear movement. As the lever passes over center, or toggle position, the mechanical advantage is theoretically infinite.

Orscheln® hand levers also provide a screw-type adjustment feature which allows the operator to make system adjustments. This is accomplished by simply turning the adjustment knob on the lever handle.

Using Orscheln's standard parking brake levers where possible can generally provide shorter lead-times and lower costs. When custom designs are needed, we offer many options and variations. The key characteristics to remember in designing a lever system include required lever output, mounting location, operator access and handle effort. Mounting bracket design should be determined by travel, cable clamp pattern and mounting preference.

Hand Lever Diagrams: (.gif format)

• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02182600
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02182700
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02182900
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02183100
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02183200
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02183300
• Orscheln Parking Brake Lever No. - 02183400

Foot Pedal Lever Diagrams: (.gif format)

• Foot Pedals Part I
• Foot Pedals Part II