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12/24 Volt Start•All with Air•All & Powrlite

Model: 11-923ac

Jump starts up to transit, military, and off-road equipment

AC Generator for lights, heater, power tools and electrical equipment

11-900 series Start•All units are specifically designed for mounting in or on a service truck utility body



    • 24 volt nominal, 350 amp cranking capacity
    • 12 volt nominal, 600 amp cranking capacity
    • Volt and amp meter to monitor boosting output
    • Voltage regulated to protect on-board electronics
    • Antizap voltage surge protection for safer boosting
    • 30 ft., 1/0 ga. welding cable allows convenient access to vehicles
    • 1000 amp full-power jaw clamps allow maximum amperage output
    • Polarity and low battery LED indicators confirm proper connections
    • Electric start Kohler OHV V-Twin engine with full-pressure lube, oil filter and low oil shutdown.
    • Dimensions: 40-1/2"L x 30"W x 21"H
    • Shipping weight: 450 lbs.

Air-All Air Compressor

  • 155 psi maximum
  • 25 CFM @ 100 psi

Powrlite AC Generator

  • 6000 watt AC generator
  • One 120 volt duplex fused outlet
  • One 240 volt duplex fused outlet



12/24 Volt Start•All with Air•All and Powrlite